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What is RoadWorks?

RoadWorks is a collaborative SaaS based solution

for the Real-Time Management of Road Construction Projects, Events and Traffic Detours.

Simply's a Complete 
Road Construction Project, Closure and Traffic Detour Management Solution


Designed & Built by Civil Engineers


SaaS based solution to  streamline and enhance the management of road construction projects, events & traffic detours for organizations seeking an easy to setup, robust, and cost-effective solution.

Reduce Management & Construction Cost
Analyze and prevent duplicate projects and incorrect lane closures at and/or around the same location thereby reducing both direct and indirect costs associated with road construction projects.

Reduce Overall Traffic Congestion 

Real-Time communication of road closures & detours to minimize traffic congestion by preventing drivers from unknowingly entering construction zones, thus reducing delays and traffic jams.

Enhance Safety & Minimalize Liabilities 

Disseminate accurate information about road construction & detours to mitigate safety risks for drivers, workers, and pedestrians, thereby reducing potential liability issues.

Key Features

ADVANCED Communication Capabilities

Collaborate and Communicate via Email, SMS Notifications, Reports as well as through third-party platforms such as Waze, Google, and Apple. 

BUILT-IN Conflict Detection

Identify construction project and/or road closure conflicts in order to eliminate duplicate closures at and/or in proximity to each other, thereby reducing costs.

ADVANCED Visualization & Reporting

Provide detailed digital visualizations & reporting capabilities related to road construction projects, road closures, and traffic detours.


Ensures that all relevant data regarding road construction projects, road closures and traffic detours is stored in one central location, providing easy access to reliable and accurate information in real-time.

DYNAMIC Information in Real-Time

Communicate information in real-time regarding road construction projects, road closures and, traffic detours based the time and location.

ENHANCED Integration Capabilities


Leveraging OPA's API's, users can effortlessly connect and communicate with various systems, enabling efficient data exchange, streamlined workflows, and real-time updates. 

Plan Your Work

Add current and future road construction projects via customizable interface based on the clients specific needs. Visualize & Analyze projects based on location, time, entity, type of work, start and end dates across one or multiple years to supporting better decision-making.

Manage Detours & Conflicts

Simulate conflict management between different road construction projects, scheduled events, and traffic detours to identify potential constraints and duplications, ensuring more effective management of traffic detours and road closures.


Enable multiple stakeholders to update, maintain and seamlessly share road construction projects and events information,. Empower your field and office teams to easily coordinate, reschedule, share documents, and publish details related to road construction and events in real-time.


Share road construction projects and/or events information directly with internal staff, municipal partners (EMS, Utilities, Transit, etc.) and citizens through email, SMS, dynamic municipal/city website integrations, and/or via Waze and Google Maps for real-time in-car navigation.

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