ESRI Silver Partner, OPA Technologies

Aug 28, 2023

OPA technologies joined the Esri Partner Network (EPN) as a Silver Partner in 2019. Today, the company works closely with the world leader in GIS, Esri®. Headquartered in Redlands, California. Esri has been developing the world’s most powerful spatial mapping and analysis technology for the past 50 years.

As an Esri silver partner, OPA Technologies' mission is to revolutionize the geospatial approach to municipal transportation construction projects. More specifically, OPA aims to limit the impact of traffic obstructions — whether related to road works, floods, planned events or public-safety concerns — across municipal and transportation-industry professionals. Thanks to the innovative developments within the Esri-based OPA software platform, both public and private organizations may now have the ability to optimize the management of projects, obstacles, and detours at their fingertips. With its Roadworks software platform, OPA Technologies allows users of its collaborative platform to plan, communicate and coordinate projects. The user-friendly and intuitive Roadworks software platform also enables geospatial collaboration among various organizations by centralizing many layers of information from different sources — all in an ecosystem that respects the vision and policies of any relevantorganization. Among its features, OPA’s Roadworks platform detects conflicts among construction sites and detours with just one click. Roadworks, therefore, is a solution designed for engineers, public works, urban planners, transport specialists, public utilities, communications, and emergency services — no matter what their familiarity with geospatial technologies.

"The solutions offered by OPA Technologies are unique,” said Paul Salah, Esri Canada Strategic Alliances and Partnerships Director. “This company understands exactly what cities need to manage the complexity of road traffic and the obstacles that affect its flow. Esri Canada and its worldwide distributors have a huge user base with more than 350,000 customers who could benefit from this type of technology.”

“While municipal governments are just one of our partnership’s user communities, this partnership and this solution can help many of these users adopt a best-of-class approach to road-construction planning,” said Jean Dion, Esri Canada’s Quebec  regional director.

For its part, OPA technologies is committed to making the Esri core GIS software highly compatible with the end-goals of various municipal, transportation, and third-party groups.

“This partnership demonstrates the innovative nature of the OPA Roadworks Platform and its contribution to the development of a visionary solution that is unique in the world,” said Roadworks creator and OPA Technologies founder Caroline Arnouk. “This agreement will make it further possible to work in collaboration with Esri teams not only around the world and to accelerate the deployment of OPA's software and its commercialization in Canada, but also on the international scene."

Founded in 2015 by Caroline Arnouk, herself an engineer and former civil servant of the City of Montreal, OPA has been successful in its implementation of roadworks and related geospatial platform technologies. In fact, OPA’s Roadworks platform has been able to stand out in the GIS market in recent years. The company is strongly committed to its contribution to the environment. In 2020, OPA was recognized by SDTC for its company’s positive impact on the environment. The company won the nationwide competition in Canada.

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