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Nov 7, 2023

Road obstructions can be defined as anything that blocks traffic. This could be a construction site, a special event blocking a route, or even an emergency situation that affects public safety. Such obstructions might be planned or unplanned by the local city or even external organizations. They can also, of course, affect the flow of traffic.

When it comes to traffic mobility, road obstructions are often due to poor communication  among the numerous actors and impacted parties. To resolve this issue, cities have to focus on finding better and more effective ways to manage both obstructions and knowledge of them — among all types of actors. That’s why OPA Technologies, and its flagship software product called Roadworks, exist. With Roadworks, your team can detect any predictable traffic conflicts by immediately monitoring projects in real-time, as well as enabling constant communication among  various actors. OPA’s Roadworks solution has become the answer to all these elements. Our Esri-based software platform offers every user three management actions; each action is focused on the common steps of incident-mapping: Planning, coordination, and communication.With Roadworks, you’ve finally met your single software platform for simply and efficiently managing projects.


First let’s plan. OPA’s Roadworks software is compatible with all types of obstructions. Not only does each obstruction carry with it its own special characteristics. But they also vary in how you will treat situations. ​For instance, the construction, refurbishment, and maintenance of urban infrastructure can cause long-term traffic obstructions. This type of work needs to be planned, managed, and shared differently than short-term projects. When it comes to maintenance work that takes less time — and is often managed by the municipal public works teams — we can help there also. But the solution is different, each time. To help plan for all types of road-traffic inconveniences, our software first centralizes your detailed information regarding obstructions and traffic detours. Then, our platform integrates this with other sources of data. Doing so ensures we can provide you with a sustainable means to manage your territory overview. As an overall cumulative effect, tis behavior allows all of your public and private parties, related to any project, to update and track capital-improvement programs in real time.


Second, let’s coordinate. OPA’s Roadworks platform is a collaboration solution that offers users numerous possibilities to share information with various organizations. This includes helping your teams coordinate among all types of projects within a territory. We do this by offering a conflict-detection feature in our software. This feature is unique; it works by sharing information from restricted profiles to shared projects. Such information-sharing necessarily works through secured-login access and Gantt chart updates — with daily, monthly, annually views, and more. With Roadworks, you can finally coordinate amongst your most critical stakeholders during internal and external meetings. Additionally, notifications can be submitted via email and text messages. OPA’s Roadworks platform is configured to match your existing organizational workflow; its ecosystem and vision toward creating  an efficient organization in all aspects respects a foundational principle pertaining to the politics inherent to your work.


Third, let’s communicate. OPA’s Roadworks platform ensures valuable communication among all users — by connecting them through a single software interface. Users may share information with each other by using the software; this functionality relies heavily on APIs that are easy to use and intuitive, as well as crafted toward use with existing leading-edge software, including Esri’s ArcGIS® platform. Meanwhile, OPA users can create and send various documents amongst critical receiving teams; this includes emailing information related to permits, projects, and reports — all directly from the Roadworks platform. By regrouping all communication features into one flagship platform, OPA allows its users to remain efficient, save time, and reduce the back-and-forth emails common among similar organizations working in similar conditions. This means OPA users may ensure that projects run smoothly. Moreover, having all of this data centralized allows all platform users and supporting organizations to have access to project data without depending on the whims of a specific employee or department.

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