OPA Technologies' Solutions - Transportation

Aug 28, 2023

OPA Technologies' Solutions - Transportation

There are many modes of transportation in the world: by vehicle, bicycle, taxi, bus, or even metro. Each end user and organization chooses a different mode to match their needs. What could be worse than an unknown event, like a road obstruction and traffic delay? Not much. That’s why it’s important to be aware at exactly the right moment that the route you’d like to take is being worked on by the supervising municipality, utility, or transportation organization. That’s where OPA Technologies, and their flagship software solution, Roadworks, comes into play. To plan and communicate every detour to commuters, drivers and other affected stakeholders, Roadworks integrates with your systems. Our team has dedicated and proven expertise in these situations. With nearly a decade of experience helping cities, utilities, transportation professionals, and related organizations plan and communicate their projects, the team behind Roadworks is ready to help.  

Two major industries namely, construction and transportation impact each other without question. However, they continue to operate in isolated groups, even in the present day, severely undermining efficiency. On a daily basis, road obstructions from both construction and transportation projects represent the leading factor in consumer impacts from the transportation sector. Such impacts include those from delays, time-consuming and sometimes fatal accidents, and other related incidents. Each incident stems from nonexistent or poor communication. This has to stop. This is why OPA exists: to play a role in the solution. When well managed, the impact of these incidents can be minimized and sometimes even fully prevented.

What is a road obstruction? A road obstruction can be defined as anything that blocks traffic. This could include a construction site, a special event, or even an emergency situation that affects public safety. Ideally, no one is impacted. But in real life, OPA Technologies is there to help when something does. OPA’s Roadworks application offers a software solution that immediately helps proactive actors and impacted parties to better communicate, coordinate, and plan the reaction to unforeseen events. That includes  allowing everyone from the commuter en route home to the municipal worker pulled from his home to efficiently manage closures and detours in any emergency situation. OPA’s Roadworks solution allows its users to collaborate via the Roadworks  platform. All closures, scheduled work, suggested detours, important timelines, and related information becomes available, thereby increasing the productivity ratio of project management by 50% in most cases. With this unique capability, OPA’s Roadworks can help its users detect conflicts in real-time. For example, public transit can easily detect conflict between bus lanes and bus stops with one click. A user with the appropriate permissions can easily relocate drivers along with sending them the proper information; this enables to drivers as well as the clients served by the drivers (i.e., commuters) to base their decisions off of the same information available to Roadworks users, all simply by accessing RoadWorks.

OPA makes efficient use of any client’s GIS data. What you have is what we need. Additionally, our Roadworks software helps you optimize your decision-making process; we respect your internal workflow.  OPA strives to be your ally. Our only goal is to improve the efficiency and punctuality of your services and communicate this information in real-time to your own clients, via various data-sharing tools, public maps, and even text messages that include link access to critical information approved for public consumption.

OPA is a company that envisions your collaboration with other organizations. This is why our existing municipal customers grant access to other public-transit organizations, even sensitive project information, in order to manage consumer mobility within their territory. Our solution is proven. Just ask the city of Quebec, which implemented their major transportation project called SRB Pie-IX. Via SRB Pie-IX, Intervia (in charge of the mobility-impact management project) used OPA’s Roadworks solution to grant access to the City of Montreal, to ensure the completion of this project.

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